It is a great pleasure to announce that we as MSD Animal Health Gulf & Levant will be collaborating with x-OvO Limited, a poultry diagnostics company which is based in UK. 

x-OvO Limited has been a collaborator with MSD Animal Health for 13 years around the world providing MSD clients with infectious bronchitis molecular diagnostic services to allow the optimization of vaccination programs and subsequently the successful control of infectious bronchitis field challenge.

With the use of proprietary Next Generation Sequencing databases containing data on the major commercial infectious bronchitis vaccines, x-OvO Limited will provide infectious bronchitis genetic sequence result interpretation to allow veterinarians and poultry managers to take more informed management decisions on appropriate vaccine choices.  Analyses for H9N2 avian influenza will also be delivered. The results of the samples will be shared with you within 14 working days after receiving the samples by our Poultry Team in Gulf & Levant.

To clarify on the number of samples that you can send and for better understanding, please contact Dr. Mohammed at mohammed.hamed@merck.com.

For more information please visit http://www.x-ovo.co.uk/

Viral Flex-Seq® Service

MSD Animal Health Gulf & Levant collaborates with Rapid Genomics to introduce the Viral Flex-Seq® Service.

Viral Flex-Seq empowers commercial poultry organizations across the world to proactively optimize disease outbreak management by leveraging the ultimate tool for accurate, reliable HVT vector vaccine detection. Thanks to the innovative power of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) technology, end users achieve conclusive, first in-class diagnostic clarity for improved animal health and welfare.

Viral Flex-Seq is used to evaluate vaccine administration accuracy and program effectiveness, benchmarking results on regional, national and international scales. Additionally, in the event of an associated disease challenge or during routine monitoring, users can identify potential sources of infection through phylogenetic comparison against a global Viral Flex-Seq pathogen database.

Viral Flex-Seq test uses the strategy of Vaccinate, Verify, eValuate; which allows: 

  • The optimization of vaccine application to deliver complete peace of mind by conclusively detecting specific rHVT products and differentiating them from other HVT type vaccines.
  • Performance benchmarking of vaccination application within organizations.
  • The tracking of field virus outbreaks and the differential diagnosis of true field viruses from those of vaccine origin.

For more information , please visit Viral Flex-Seq – RAPID GENOMICS (rapid-genomics.com)