The lives of millions of people depend on the health of their cattle, sheep and goat herds. But with fewer natural resources and changes in our climate, we must improve, produce more efficiently, and continue to offer higher yields. Find out how MSD Animal Health offers a portfolio of health platforms to help our customers to protect and enhance animal health, well-being and productivity.

Companion Animals

MSD Animal Health offers a wide range of pet health products for veterinarians and pet owners. Find out more about our key products for companion animals.


Learn about our commitment to maintain and improve the health of horses and help prevent their suffering wherever possible. MSD Animal Health cares about horses on a grand scale.


Poultry and eggs are vital sources of protein. We offer products and services that help healthy birds reach their full production. Find out how MSD Animal Health contributes to a more safer, healthier and profitable poultry production by combining service, technical support and expertise to achieve effective solutions.

Partnership with x-OvO

MSD Animal Health Gulf & Levant is in collaboration with a well known diagnostics company, x-OvO Poultry Diagnostics, which is based in UK.

MSD Veterinary Manual

MSD Veterinary Manual (MVM) provides concise and authoritative information on diseases and management of food producing, companion, laboratory and exotic animals.