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Studio Bovine is dedicated to broadcasting knowledge in Bovine health and productivity. Through online video interviews with leading experts, Studio Bovine is committed to examining complete solutions, equipping veterinarians and farmers with up-to-date and actionable information on issues such as farm management, treatment strategies, preventative medicine and performance solutions. Studio Bovine is intended as a platform for interaction and exchange within the global community of Bovine professionals. The goal: a shared, integrated vision on Bovine health, productivity and quality. 

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MSD Animal Health Middle East serves 13 markets

A trusted source for comprehensive animal health solutions

MSD is a dynamic and fast-growing company. We now have offices in more than 50 countries and sell our products in over 140 markets. We operate a network of manufacturing sites and research and development facilities around the world. By each of their tasks or actions, MSD Animal Health employees aim to be seen as professionals working for professionals in the animal health market, and to deliver to MSD Animal Health's core values.

Within MSD Animal Health, we are always seeking innovative talents that focus on constant improvement of our products and the way we work. We’re looking for new colleagues who are entrepreneurs and result driven. But not only results matter; how you achieve these results is crucial to be successful within MSD Animal Health as well.

The Science of Healthier Animals

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We share a common goal:

To ensure a safe, sustainable and affordable food supply to meet the world's different demands for animal protein.

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