Neonatal Health

Neonatal Health means the upbringing of a calf in the best health conditions. If you have a good start, then you will have animals that thrive later in life.

Diseases at a very young age have been proven to have a negative effect on the long-term performance of an animal. Enteric and respiratory diseases are the prime health issues that affect the neonatal calf.

Udder Health

Intensive milk production puts special demands on the management of the health of the udder. Prevention of mastitis and treatment of udder infections can be carried out with our products in a programmed and economically advantaged way that also contributes to the animal welfare.

Parasite Control

Parasite infestation can cause serious damage to the health of farm animals and decrease the economical profits achieved by the animals’ owner.

The purpose of the Parasite Control Platform is to offer to you and your clients a comprehensive and reliable product portfolio.

Sheep Health

MSD Animal Health offers a broad range of health management solutions that sustain the well-being of sheep and improve the health of the herd. With our long-term commitment to the sheep industry, our sheep health platform includes vaccines, antiparasitics, anti-infectives and reproductive hormones.

Lung Health

A pneumonia outbreak will cause immediate negative consequences to the farm such as mortality, required antibiotic treatment, etc. Lung Health means keeping the lungs of the animal “clean” and non-affected or minimally affected by those respiratory pathogens that can be found frequently in the cattle environment.

A damaged lung impairs the productivity of an animal, and this adds to the financial losses experienced during the phase of an outbreak.

Partners In Reproduction

Cattle breeding management requires an appropriate reproductive health status of the herd.

Diseases and reproductive disorders affect the overall health of the herd, so a good disease prevention strategy becomes paramount.

Cattle reproduction relies on the prevention of bovine diseases that can lead to infertility, abortion, stillbirth, and other disorders.

Herd Health

Herd Health Programs Platform involves the management of those infectious diseases that require a comprehensive herd approach (i.e. IBR, BVD, LSD).

Occasionally, there will be an overlap with other health platforms such as Neonatal Health or Lung Health Platform, however, we refer to the diseases that can affect all the animals in the farm.