Vetalgin is a trusted antipyretic and analgesic medicine for livestock. It shows best results especially in ephemeral fever, colic and spasms. Each ml contains Metamizole Sodium which is a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) with no narcotic properties.

• Analgin I.P.   0.5 gm• Chlorbutol IP (as bacteriostatic)   0.4%W/V
Vetalgin  has a central analgesic action and at the same time marked sedative action on animals.Supportive treatment for diarrhea, and other painful spasmodic conditions of gastro-intestinal tract. Used in bloat and tympany, colic of varying degree and post-operative therapy. It is used in pyrexia, ephemeral fever, rheumatic conditions, traumatic pains, and after painful interventions such as shoeing and castration.

Packaging Quantities

100ml presentation