Engemycin Spray

Engemycin Spray is an antibiotic spray for the treatment of foot and wound infections in cattle and sheep. Containing 5g (3.84% w/w) of Oxytetracycline Hydrochloride, it has been developed to overcome the many practical problems reported by existing aerosol cans and can be used for the topical treatment of wounds and foot rot.

Engemycin Spray combines a unique, quick-drying formulation with an innovative, non-clogging spray valve. The quick-drying formulation minimises wastage from the sprayed area, while the new valve – which works as well when the can is upside down – cuts spraying time and ensures more reliable and constant delivery of antibiotic. The valve is unique and designed to enable the can to fully empty.

Packaging Quantities

Aerosol of 200ml