Covexin® 10

Covexin 10 is a vaccine that contains all ten relevant Clostridia that affect sheep and cattle:
C. perfringens Type A, C. perfringens Type B, C. perfringens Type C, C. perfringnes Type D,
C. chauvoei, C. novyji, C. septicum, C. tetani, C. sordellii, C.haemolyticum.

Covexin 10 is for the active immunisation of sheep and cattle against diseases caused by Clostridiumperfringens type A; C. perfringens type B; C. perfringens type C; C. perfringens type D; C. chauvoei; C. novyi type B; C. septicum; C. sordellii; C. haemolyticum and against tetanus caused by C. tetani. For the passive immunisation of lambs and calves against infection caused by the above mentioned clostridial species (except C. haemolyticum in sheep).

Packaging Quantities

Packs containing 1 bottle of 50 ml and 100 ml.Not all pack sizes may be marketed.