Convenience program evaluation tool

The poultry team has recently launched the Convenience Program Evaluation tool. The Convenience Program Evaluation tool is designed to help producers troubleshoot disease outbreaks, optimize vaccination processes, and maintain the health of their poultry through the use of innovative and practical tools available through MAH Representatives via mobile devices and a toolkit.
​With the clear target of adding valued service to our customers and going beyond disease control, we officially launched the Convenience Program Evaluation tool as a free service for poultry customers across the globe.

Producers can receive the benefits of the Convenience Program Evaluation tool by working with their local MAH Representative. Together, they will assist in troubleshooting disease outbreaks, increasing the skill and knowledge of hatchery personnel, and building a database to analyze hatchery and first week of age process trends to improve chick quality. In addition, the tool provides information about vaccines, including a comprehensive outline of vaccine preparation and administration. Through user-friendly design and support, the Convenience Program Evaluation tool can help producers identify ways to improve the vaccine administration process by examining trends and analyzing results.

Ultimately, as a part of the Convenience Program, the goal of the Convenience Program Evaluation tool is to ensure that producers are working vaccination into common practice beginning in the hatchery. Through a combination of in-ovo and day-old vaccination application, the Convenience Program process provides earlier and longer protection, without producing adverse reactions. The Convenience Program Evaluation tool allows producers to build a database that analyzes hatchery process trends, most efficiently vaccinates their flock against harmful diseases, and improves overall poultry health.

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