Nobilis ND Lasota

It is a live vaccine against Newcastle Disease in chickens.


Active components per dose:

Live ND strain LaSota: ≥ 6.0 log10 EID50


A freeze-dried pellet.

Indications Immunization of healthy chickens and turkeys against Newcastle Disease.

Vaccination programme The vaccine is safe to use in birds that have been previously vaccinated againstNewcastle Disease (for example with ND strains Hitchner BI or Clone 30). The optimum time and method of administration and re-vaccination depends largely upon the local situation. Therefore, the advice of a veterinary surgeon should be sought.

Dosage One dose per bird.

Method of administration

The vaccine can be administered by spray, by ocular or nasal instillation or through the drinking water.

  •  Spray method The vaccine should be dissolved in cool, clean water which is free of iron and chlorine. The vials should be opened under water. The spray apparatus should be free from sediments, corrosion and traces of disinfectants (preferably used for vaccination purpose only). The vaccine medicated water should be sprayed evenly over the correct number of birds, at a distance of 30 to 40 cm, preferably when the birds are sitting together in dim light. For chicks younger than 2 weeks of age use 0.25 liter, for 1000 birds and for older birds use 0.5 liter for 1000 birds and set the nozzle to produce a coarse spray.
  •  Intranasal/intraocular instillation Dissolve the vaccine in physiological saline solution (usually 30 ml per 1000 doses) and administer by means of a standardised dropper. One drop should be applied from a height of a few centimeters into one nostril or one eye. The handler should ensure that the nasal drop is inhaled by the bird.